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Purchase Super Heavy Duty No-Hub Couplings - Green Shield
  • SKU: NoHub-SuperHD
    Super Heavy Duty No-Hub Couplings - Green Shield Material Specifications

    Shield Material:  304 SS
    Band Material: 301 SS
    Housing Material: 304 SS
    Screw Material: 305 SS
    Eyelet Material: 300 SS
    Gasket Material: ASTM C564 Compliant
    Installation Torque: 80 in-lbs
    Ultimate Torque: 100 in-lbs

  • Super Heavy Duty No-Hub Couplings - Green Shield

    Band Length (in): Ideal-Tridon Super Heavy Duty HD No Hub Couplings are listed or certified by all major plumbing code bodies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Shop Ideal-Tridon.

A quality line of Heavy Duty couplings where structural reinforcement and higher sealing pressures are required. They have a wider footprint on the joint and increased number of high torque capacity clamps. They add a measure of structural rigidity and enhanced sealing pressure.

Size Part No. Installation Torque Inch-Pounds No. Clamps Per Coupling
1-1/2" 6217H8G 80 4
2" 6218H8G 80 4
3" 6219H8G 80 4
4" 6220H8G 80 4
5" 6221H8G 80 6
6" 6222H8G 80 6
8" 6223H8G 80 6
10" 6230H8G 80 6

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