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                            A 100-year history of quality. A culture of service

                            to meet today’s most demanding requirements.

                            And a vision of the future to be ready for what’s

                            next. That’s the Ideal-Tridon Group.

                            We’ve built the Ideal-Tridon Group whose products connect and support pipes, tubes,
                            and hoses that convey gases, liquids, and electricity. We are the global leader in
                            worm gear, t-bolt, band, strut, specialty clamps, hose supports, conduit, and fastening

                            solutions, as well as fittings and couplings.

                            Our products meet the highest standards demanded by global customers.
                            A commitment to service and dedication to quality drive us each day.

                            While billions of Ideal-Tridon products have sealed critical connections for our
                            customers, we continue to push the boundaries of innovative design. Our legacy

                            and proven capabilities ensure that we’re well-positioned to support new applications
                            and emerging markets.

                            At Ideal-Tridon, whether it’s the performance of our products or the responsiveness

                            of our service, connections are at the heart of what we do.

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