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A      B                                              C

                                        D      E

                                                                                C   Engineering lab tech maps high
                                                                                    and low pressure areas on a clamp
                                         A   Ideal-Tridon clamps undergo            to locate potential leak paths.
                                            rigorous testing by our salt fog and
                                            cyclic corrosion chambers to meet   D   Clamps installed with a wireless
                                            industry standards.                     torque gun inside the PVT chamber.

                                         B   A Contracer measures complex       E     A tensile tester verifies incoming
                                            product profiles for high               material to meet engineering and
                                            performance results.                    quality specs.

 4   |   IDEAL-TRIDON PRODUCT CA T ALOG                                                      IDEAL TRIDON.COM   |   5
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