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Employee Spotlight: Betty Oliver

Today's employee spotlight is on Betty Oliver, Director of Purchasing and Sourcing for the Ideal Tridon Group.

Betty Oliver - Director of Global Purchasing and Sourcing, Ideal Tridon Group

FUN FACT: Betty loves to read. She set the record for the most books ever read at her school library and the record still stands today! 

WHAT IS YOUR HIDDEN TALENT? Betty has a great memory and can remember vivid details from when she was only 15 months old.

WHAT DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO REMEMBER ABOUT YOU? "I am firm, but fair, and try to do the right thing every time."

Though Betty Oliver comes from a strong engineering & IT background, she has made a career of utilizing her problem solving skills and inquisitive nature in a different way - supply chain management. As the Director of Global Purchasing and Sourcing for the Ideal Tridon Group, Betty’s primary focus each day is to understand the business’s needs and respond in a way that upholds the same high quality standards and competitive pricing our customers expect. Her favorite part of the job is her opportunity to be intentional with her work, something she also tries to practice in her personal life, and to uplift others to be the best employees they can be. 

Betty’s competitive nature goes beyond finding the highest quality materials at the lowest price - she also enjoys playing sports and doing all things crafty with her equally competitive husband, kids, and grandkids. She loves to explore the outdoors, go hiking, and run, and also has an interest in interior design and architecture. Betty loves being able to help others and also spends her time volunteering for a variety of organizations. 

Her biggest motivation is simply to be the best version of herself she can, and encourage others to do the same. 

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by Ideal Tridon Group Marketing • February 17, 2023

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