Our Brands.

Ideal Tridon is a leading global engineering solutions designer and manufacturer of stainless steel and speciality clamps for a broad range of fastening and sealing applications across diverse end markets.

ZSi-Foster serves a diverse set of end markets by offering a broad portfolio of highly engineered clamp, coupling, and support systems. With a deep product portfolio of advanced clamps, quality quick disconnects, and superior steel strut and accessories, ZSi-Foster has everything an industrial project requires

Wesanco is the U.S.'s leading manufacturers of strut and support systems. Their combined engineering capabilities and experienced personnel enable them to provide you with virtually any strut product.

Hydra-Zorb is an industry leader in pipe, hose, and tube clamping for the hydraulic, HVAC, plumbing, and refrigeration markets. Widely recognized for the invention of the cushioned clamp, Hydra-Zorb's continued innovation and focus on quality and service has driven the company's success supporting industrial customers throughout the US and Canada.

Campbell Fittings is a manufacturer of hose fittings, couplings, ferrules, and sleeves. Campbell combines unique design features with engineered hose attachment technology, called Crimpnology**. Crimpnology provides hose system performance and safety unmatched in the industry.

Strapbinder is a leading global engineering solutions designer and manufacturer of stainless steel banding, preformed clamps, buckles, tools, and securement hardware. Serving the utility and industrial markets, Strapbinder products are used in a broad range of fastening, sealing, and mounting applications.

Tridon Europe is the European subsidiary of Tridon. Servicing the entire EMEA region, it is supported by a manufacturing facility in Kudowa, Poland. Tridon Europe offers high quality worm gear, T-bolt, band, strut, and specialty clamps for OE and industrial needs.

Clamp SRL is an Italian-based clamping specialist, delivering clamping and cabling applications. Offering fast and on-time delivery for both OEMs and distributors, the company is supported by experienced personnel, and technologically advanced logistics with automated vertical warehouses. 

MPC Industries, based in the Netherlands, specializes in industrial clamping solutions. MPC Industries offers high quality worm gear clamps, T-bolt clamps, mounting clamps, pipe couplings, and fast fit products to best suit various application requirements.

Advanced Couplings Ltd (ACL) is a leading global manufacturer of stainless-steel clamp type tube connections based in the United Kingdom. ACL offers high-quality products designed for the pharmaceutical, chemical, hygienic, dairy, and food and beverage industries.