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6 ITG Resources to Add to Your Bookmark Bar

You'll want to save these online resources!

Did you know that the Ideal Tridon Group has a plethora of online resources available for you to use? In this article, we will show you 6 of our online resources to help you have a better experience on our websites.  

1. Downloadable PDFs

Every Ideal Tridon Group brand's website has its own literature section where you can download PDFs on a variety of topics! These PDFs include product information flyers, installation guides, case studies, and other technical information. Best of all, these PDFs are always free to download! That way, you can keep the information you need right at your fingertips.  

2. Industry Certifications

We know working with an industry-certified product is important to you – and it's important to us, too. Our certifications are available under the "Resources" tab on all ITG websites. From there, you can view or download the ones you need. The Ideal Tridon Group family of brands holds dozens of certifications, including NSF, ISO 14001 & 9001:2015 , IAMPO, ASTM, RoHS, UL, and more.  

3. Catalog Library

The Ideal Tridon Group family of brands features an incredible interactive catalog library, where you can view your favorite products at any time! Our catalog library tool allows you to create custom PDFs where you can mix and match products from any of our online catalogs. Love Campbell Fittings, but need to see Strapbinder products as well? Now you can! Download your custom catalogs and view them at your convenience with our library tool. 

4. Clamp Selector Tool features an interactive Clamp Selector Tool to help you find the perfect fit for your application! Simply input details such as desired material grade, size, or application, and our tool will populate the best clamps for your needs.  The Clamp Selector Tool will save you time when searching for a clamp! 

5. Cross-Reference Tool

Using a competitor part, but looking to work with the best instead? Use ZSi-Foster's free cross-reference tool to find the ZSi-Foster part number that most closely compares to other manufacturers' products. Coming soon to other ITG websites!  

(Note: This tool is to be used only as a guide. Because of the differences between manufacturers, users of this tool should do their own research to make sure the part needed works best for their specific application.) 

6. Create an Account to Access More!

Create a free account on our websites to access even more resources, like our Bulk Order Upload and Quick Order Form!

The Ideal Tridon Group family of brands is always adding resources to our list in order to improve your online buying experience with us. Sign up for our mailing list to make sure you never miss an important update about our websites, new product releases, promotions, and more!