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Employee Spotlight: Courtney McChesney

Today's employee spotlight is on Courtney McChesney, Digital Marketing Specialist for the Ideal Tridon Group.

Courtney McChesney - Digital Marketing Specialist, Ideal Tridon Group

FUN FACT: Courtney has visited over 20 countries and hopes to return to traveling soon! 

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLACE YOU'VE VISITED? Switzerland - she was surprised by how much she loved it and has gone back to visit two more times since then. 


Campbell Fittings is more than just a job to Courtney McChesney - it’s a family affair. Campbell Fittings was started by Courtney’s great-grandfather in the early 1900s and has remained in the family ever since, being passed down to her grandfather, and then her father. Though she originally went to school to study fashion & business, Courtney found herself joining the Campbell Fittings team in 2014. When Campbell Fittings was acquired by Ideal Tridon Group in 2018, Courtney provided sales support & marketing to the Industrial Group, primarily working with Campbell Fittings and Strapbinder to train them on Salesforce. She now works as a Digital Marketing Specialist to provide comprehensive marketing materials for all the Ideal Tridon Group brands, working closely with our distributors and sales team to design flyers, run social media, update our catalogs, and anything else they may need! 

Outside of work, Courtney’s life is mostly consumed by her 1-year-old daughter and her husband, Sean. The family of three enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and visiting family whenever they can. Courtney especially loves to go on walks through her neighborhood, giving her a chance to get out of the house as she has worked remotely for the past two years.