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Employee Spotlight: Robin Everhart

Today's employee spotlight is on Robin Everhart, Chief People Officer for Ideal Tridon Group.

Robin Everhart - Chief People Officer, Ideal Tridon Group

FUN FACT: Robin is a Non-Skate Official (NSO) for her daughter's roller derby team.  

WHAT IS ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE TRAVEL EXPERIENCES? Robin completed a trek up Choquequirao, a sister site to Machu Pichu in Peru, with an all-female team – one of just a few all-female teams to ever complete the trip!   

For Robin Everhart, it's always about the people – that's what lead her to HR. Robin's career started in social work and eventually transformed into working at large corporations such as Home Depot, Winn Dixie, Cintas, and LP Building Solutions in a variety of HR, ethics, compliance, and operations roles. Though her path has been "more like a jungle gym" than a straight line, her impressive background most recently led her to Ideal Tridon Group as the newly appointed Chief People Officer.  

As Chief People Officer, Robin looks forward to aligning people and best practices to achieve results. Throughout her career, she has been tasked with creating compliance and transformation programs from the ground up, so to say she doesn't shy away from a challenge is an understatement. Robin has a strong business mindset and believes the key to sustained growth is to invest in people.  

When she is out of the office, Robin enjoys spending time with her husband of 24 years and their three teenage daughters. As a family, they enjoy live music and travelling. Though she has visited many countries and continents, her favorite trips have been to Africa and Israel. Robin loves adventure and has even flown an open-air biplane!