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Announcing the acquisition of StrutTech® Fiberglass Strut: Available now through Wesanco®!

Consider fiberglass strut for your next construction project!

ZSI is pleased to announce the acquisition of the StrutTech® Fiberglass Strut and Accessories product line from Axium Composites. Offered under the Wesanco brand, the StrutTech product line will continue to provide the same high-quality products and extensive range of options that customers have come to expect, including both polyester and vinylester resins.

Fiberglass Strut: Consider It for Your Next Construction Project

Steel may be the king of construction materials, but fiberglass strut is quietly carving its own niche. This lightweight, non-metallic wonder offers a unique blend of features that make it a perfect solution in specific situations. Why should you consider fiberglass strut from Wesanco for your next project?

Corrosion Resistance: Unlike steel, fiberglass is not subject to rust and chemical corrosion. This makes it ideal for harsh environments like wastewater treatment plants, marine settings, and chemical facilities. Say goodbye to costly replacements and endless maintenance!

Lightweight Champion: Fiberglass weighs a fraction of steel, making it a dream to handle and install. This translates to faster project completion, reduced worker fatigue, and even potential savings on labor costs. Bonus points for easier shipping and handling!

Non-Conductive: Worried about stray currents or electrical hazards? Fiberglass is the answer. Its non-conductive properties offer an extra layer of safety in electrical applications and sensitive environments.

Electromagnetic Silence: Need to keep things radio-quiet? Fiberglass will not interfere with sensitive equipment or delicate signals. Think MRI machines, data centers, and radio astronomy facilities – fiberglass will not interfere.

Unlimited Versatility: Fiberglass comes in various shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit diverse needs. From cable trays and pipe supports to equipment mounting and general framing, its applications are unlimited.

Sustainability Star: Fiberglass offers an eco-friendly alternative to steel. Its production often uses recycled materials, and its durability means less frequent replacements – good news for the planet.

No material is perfect. Fiberglass can be more expensive than steel upfront, and its lower strength may not be suitable for all applications. But when corrosion, weight, conductivity, or electromagnetic compatibility are concerned, fiberglass strut is a clear winner.

You can purchase fiberglass strut through Wesanco. To learn more about our products, please click here to visit our website, or contact your Wesanco distributor.