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Insta-Lock™ Announcement

Now available exclusively at Campbell!

February 20, 2024

With a revolutionary new design, Campbell Fittings and Continental collaborated to launch one of the most innovative couplings in the industrial hose market of it’s time. The pairing of high performance hose and fittings, with the industry’s first comprehensive crimp specification guide, set a new standard for proven safety and performance in industrial hose systems.

In response to shifting market dynamics, Continental and Campbell have jointly agreed to transfer the licensing and responsibility for sales and distribution of Insta-Lock™ to Campbell Fittings exclusively, effective February 2024. We are eager to fulfill your future orders and needs with direct shipments from Boyertown, PA and Houston, TX. Rest assured, Continental remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting the Insta-Lock™ coupling and a hose system approach, and Campbell assures that it will maintain optimal safety and performance in hose assemblies.

Looking ahead, we anticipate many more decades of fruitful collaboration with Continental as we continue to innovate and surpass the evolving needs of our industrial markets.

For further inquiries regarding the Insta-Lock™ product line, please reach out to Campbell at 800-367-3678, via email at [email protected], or contact your Campbell regional salesperson.