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Campbell Fittings' Crimpnology™: Elevating Crimping for Superior Hose Systems

Measurable, Repeatable, Performance

Campbell Fittings revolutionized the art of crimping with its innovative approach known as "Crimpnology". By using this process you can build a repeatable, measurable, performance oriented hose system.

What exactly is Crimpnology™?

The systematic treatment of the art of hose/fitting attachment. "Crimpnology" is simply a term to describe all of the technology in crimping.

Why Choose Crimpnology™?

  • Each fitting/coupling design is either a new, innovative solution; or a re-engineered product upgrade on parts that have been used in our industry for decades.
  • The ferrule's turn-in end securely locks into the interlock groove on all fittings and couplings, ensuring a 360-degree ferrule-to-fitting interlock. 
  • Exhaustive hydrostatic burst testing has proven our superior performance and shown to always exceed minimum safety factors as governed by AFPM and NAHAD Hose Safety Institute.
  • The shank and ferrule length are matched to maximum retention and sealing without damaging the hose cover. 
  • Versatility is a key feature, allowing leak-free hose systems with any brand or type of hose to meet customer preferences.