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Find the Right T-Bolt for You: Discover Ideal Tridon's Dynamic Range!

Seeking the perfect T-Bolt solution? Discover the different types of T-Bolt clamps that Ideal Tridon offers!

Where Innovation Meets Performance

Ideal Tridon has crafted each T-Bolt with excellence in mind, catering to high-vibration, higher torque, and large-diameter applications found in heavy trucks, industrial machinery, off-road equipment, agricultural irrigation, and more. 

Minimal Diameter T-Bolt Clamps

Experience the Minimal Diameter T-Bolts that deliver pressure for an effective and dependable seal. These clamps feature a stainless-steel band measuring 3/4" or 7/8" wide (depending upon the size ordered), combined with welded construction.

More familiar with Nominal sizing? We offer a wide range of Nominal Diameter T-Bolts as well!

Channel Bridge T-Bolt Clamps

Introducing the remarkable Channel Bridge T-Bolts. It's equipped with a stiff bridge liner that prevents leak routes (great for softer hoses) and acts as a channel guide, keeping all T-Bolt hardware aligned. These clamps provide uniform sealing pressure with a 3/4" wide stainless-steel band. 

Spring-Loaded T-Bolt Clamps

When it comes to continuous tension performance, spring-loaded T-Bolts are the preferred clamp style in the heavy-duty market. They can adjust with a hose while maintaining constant tension even in fluctuation temperature applications. With a spring-loaded T-Bolt assembly, a 3/4" wide stainless-steel band, and impeccable welded construction, spring-loaded clamps meet all demanding requirements. Available now in Heavy-Duty and Standard Spring.

Heavy-Duty T-Bolt Clamps

Heavy-Duty T-Bolts are a commonly used style of T-Bolt and the true champion of off-road machinery, earth-moving vehicles, diesel engines, and truck exhaust systems. Standard bolt available in 3/4" and 7/8" band widths. Spring-loaded designs are available in 3/4" band widths. Need a custom OEM design for high-volume applications? Ideal Tridon has got you covered! We also offer V-Bands in a variety of manufacturing options.