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Employee Spotlight: James Darnell

Today's employee spotlight is on James Darnell, VP of Global Sourcing and Supply Chain for Ideal Tridon Group.

James Darnell - VP of Global Sourcing and Supply Chain, Ideal Tridon Group

FUN FACT: James enjoys studying linguistics and he is fluent in eight different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Arabic, Dari, and Persian! He is currently learning Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean.

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY DOING IN YOUR FREE TIME? James loves to read. He has read 85 books as of this interview and is on track to meet his goal of reading 100 books this year.


James never imagined that serving 15 years in the U.S. Army would lead him to a successful career in sourcing and supply chain management. Yet he could not be any happier with the way things have turned out. James was first introduced to the supply chain world when he trained as a logistics specialist while serving as a non-commissioned officer in 2007. From there, he went on to gain experience in a wide variety of supply chain, sourcing, and logistics roles – everything from working as a forklift operator in a warehouse to negotiating multi-million-dollar purchases for Fortune 500 companies.

Since joining the Ideal Tridon team six months ago, James has stayed busy focusing on reducing cost, supporting on-time delivery, and analyzing raw material and on-hand inventory numbers to ensure everything runs smoothly. He is also responsible for managing his team and communicating essential information to them. James enjoys the unique challenges of managing supply chain as well as working with a diverse team of employees.

Outside of work, James enjoys spending time with his wife and their two children. He enjoys smoking BBQ meat and considers it an homage to his Oklahoma upbringing. James also stays incredibly active, riding his bike 100 miles per week and running 20 miles a week to prioritize his physical and mental well-being. He attributes his success in life so far to staying optimistic and focusing on his mental health by exercising and reading regularly.