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Pre-Cut Strut: Wesanco Helps Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency

Learn more about the benefits of cut-to-length strut

Trade contractors have been increasingly turning to pre-fabrication methods to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their projects. Pre-fabrication involves the construction of components or assemblies off-site, which are then delivered to the job site for assembly and installation. One major opportunity for pre-fabrication is the utilization of cut-to-length strut.

Cut-to-length strut is a valuable time-saver in construction applications, including trapeze supports, frame racking, and OEM assemblies. The process involves cutting steel strut to the exact length required for a specific application. Traditionally, strut would be cut on-site by the trade contractor, which required time and labor resources to measure and cut the strut to the right length.

However, by incorporating cut-to-length strut into their pre-fabrication processes, contractors can achieve significant labor savings and reduction in scrap. The ability to ship strut direct to the job site at the correct lengths also eliminates the need for shipping them to the contractor's prefabricated shop first, resulting in additional logistics cost savings.

Wesanco is a leading supplier of construction components who excel at cut-to-length strut compared to the competition. The company stocks several common sizes in multiple finishes, making it easy for trade contractors to incorporate this pre-fabrication method into their projects.

Overall, the use of cut-to-length strut as part of pre-fabrication is a major opportunity for trade contractors to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their projects. With Wesanco’ s expertise in this area, contractors can leverage this pre-fabrication method to achieve significant labor and cost savings. Learn more about Wesanco and ZSi-Foster by visiting our website.

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Chris Sichak
Product Line Manager - Support Systems