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When do you use the Heavy Series BETA Clamp?

How do you know when to use the Heavy Series?

ZSi-Foster offers 8 different types of BETA Hydraulic Clamps™. 

Standard, Twin, Twin Smoothie, Adapter, Heavy, Special Metals, Rubber Inserts, Standard Smoothie

How do you know when to use the Heavy Series?

  • For systems with greater than 1,500psi operating pressure (vs. Standard Cushions for systems  less than 1,500 psi without dynamic loads.)
  • Operations with pressure surges
  • Applications with wide temperature fluctuations
  • For absorbing high levels of shock, noise, and vibration (vs. Standard Cushions for moderate levels of shock and vibration)

The product line offers a wide variety of sizes and materials.

  • Standard Cushions are Polypropylene (Green color), Polypropylene
    (Black), Polyamide (PA), and Aluminum (AL), cushions available in
    most sizes. 
  • Aluminum Cushions are used in higher heat applications up to 500°F (260°C).
  • NOW OFFERING new metric sizes.

Download the BETA Clamp Flyer to learn more about the line!