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Non-Perforated Clamps (Embossed)

Non-Perforated (Embossed) clamps are based on our popular general purpose worm gear clamps, but are engineered to prevent hose damage during installation. The non-perforated band keeps soft silicone hoses from shearing or extruding during installation and final torquing, maintaining the integrity of the connection, and providing a more stable seal. Plus, Ideal-Tridon Non-Perforated clamps are available in several material configurations making them perfect for automotive, marine and many industrial applications. Better yet, they act and perform just like traditional worm gear clamps, fitting into restricted spaces and holding tightly over time. Consider Ideal-Tridon Non-Perforated worm gear clamps for your next application, and get the assurance of damage-free clamping technology to keep your connection secure.

9mm Band
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12mm Band
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