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Ideal Tridon announces the acquisition of Advanced Couplings Limited. Read more here.

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1/2" Hy-Gear® Clamps

1/2" Hy-Gear® clamps are suitable for most common household, industrial, and automotive applications. The bands have clean punched rectangular perforations that hold strong and connect easily.

Ideal-Tridon 67-6
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Ideal-Tridon 67-4 Series | AA52506-F
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Ideal-Tridon 67-5
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Ideal-Tridon 67-1
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Ideal-Tridon 57-0
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Ideal-Tridon 52-0
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Image 35 lbf-in (4 Nm) for most appli35 lbf-in (4 Nm) for most applications / Minimum destructive torque is 50 lbf-in (5.6 Nm) for plated carbon screws and 60 lbf-in (6.8 Nm) for stainless steel screw HD Hy-Gear can be used for different sealing applications

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